What Little Device Which PS VITA and PSP are Worth It?

PS Vita and PSP are absolutely different. It can be said that PS Vita is the more modern version of PSP. The two devices also come with clear distinctions. But, what little device which PS Vita and PSP are worth it? How do PS Vita and PSP different from each other? Find out more about the two […]

Is PS4 Worth to Buy? What If I Don’t Game on PS4?

It can be denied that PS4 is one of the most popular game consoles on earth now. But what if you are a big gamer? Is it still worth for you to buy the game console? Why Buying PS4? “What If I don’t game on PS4?” It might be a question comes up into your […]

PS4 this Christmas Gift will okey? – the Best Christmast for Your Kids

Is it too late to give your kids PS4 for their Christmas present this year? Well, there is nothing called “too late” for a great game console like PS4 since every child dreams to have it. So, PS4 this Christmas gift will okey and perfect for your kids. Additionally, with the upcoming holiday to face, this will be […]

3 Best PlayStation’s New Game in 2020

As we are looking ahead to the new year of 2020, some new games are rumored to launch for PS4. This is such exiting news for all gamers on earth. Well, what are they? #1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Being planned to launch on March 2020, this Final Fantasy 7 Remake is worth to wait […]

Do we really need Playstation 5?

As a part of Sony’s next gen-plans, PlayStation 5 is a big project for the company. Being planned to be released in 2020, PS5 has triggered the curiosity of most gamers. But, is it really worthy to buy the game? Get to know more about the game before deciding to buy. What Technology to Expect As the […]